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COVID-19 Spray Disinfectants

Envirotech Defense carries spray disinfectants included on the EPA List N that provide top protection for businesses and communities against COVID-19. During a time when the availability of spray disinfectants is scarce and fraudulent products are being sold frequently, we carry products you can trust.

Professional-Grade Equipment

Envirotech Defense has a long history as a leading supplier of spray-applied products and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Whether you are providing a local sanitization service or disinfecting your own property, we have the professional-grade equipment and disinfectant solutions you need for ongoing performance.

Disinfection Supplies One-Stop Shop

Envirotech Defense is your trusted source for COVID-19 disinfection supplies. We provide a wide range of industry-leading equipment and materials, including EPA-registered disinfectants that can be purchased separately or SP Sanitize & Disinfect Kits to get you started quickly.

Disinfection & Sanitization Kits

Whether you’re a contractor just getting started offering a local sanitization service or a business getting ready to open back up, we can help you quickly protect against COVID-19 with our recommended products kits: Contractor Starter Kit and Contractor Pro Kit.

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